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Please join if you are a fan of the quirky and immortal character, Midori Gurin. (hey, I'm assuming she's immortal since she keeps popping up in videos)

(note we're not encouraging or laughing at YandereDev's email problem... that's not funny at all... we're just here to celebrate the character. It is possible to like Midori without liking what she represents. ^^ )

Hey, who knows - maybe the fans who currently eat up YandereDev's time will learn their lesson, and Midori-chan will redeem herself! :iconherotimeplz:

UPDATE: Here is Midori herself!! :pointr: MOM0KI (or her voice actress, anyway ;p )

Notable Midori quotes: (enable CC [closed captions button] on the YouTube player for the... interesting translation. Surprisingly, the last part is quite accurate. :o)

More notable Midori quotes: (non-canon soundcloud) Check it out for a Midori Sailor moon cover, Oka dropping by, and more funny Midori soundbites!






Hello everyone, I’m Kidapult and I just started helping Dazza with modding the group!

I found Yandere Simulator around the Personalities and Clubs updates when I was scrolling through Markiplier’s let’s plays. At the time I didn’t know what ‘yandere’ meant and thought, “Oh, it’s going to be some silly lovey dovey game but I’m bored, I’ll watch it.” Imagine my surprise when Yandere-Chan started killing people!

Some of you might already know me for my rather dark Midori art. No matter how much I draw her in awful situations I still love her though and I hope to promote more art of her!


***********previous update ***************

But wait, there's more! :iconmoarplz:

We have a fantastic Midori Vs. Oka animation here~
:star: :star:

MOM0KI… - VA Midori Oka
Zero-Q - animation, editing, sound editing
Michaela Laws… - VA Sakyu Basu
Kira Buckland… - VA Inkyu Basu

Well done, everyone! :iconcheerplz:

***********previous update ***************

Whee, there are over 1000 members in the Midori club!! :iconmashedpotatoplz:
Also, you might want to check out another 'dramatic reading' by Mom0ki (Midori-chan's VA) of a bizarre email - posted on YandereDev's Twitter. (just click the link you see)…

What are your thoughts on it? For me, it... sounded like two people were writing it. :o I'm really hoping that it was a joke.


***********previous update ***************
Mimimimimi- Miii do riiii~~
:iconcheerplz: All together now - check out the new parody song cover from Midori-chan's voice actress, MOM0KI! :star: :star:

And while you're here, check out the 'dramatic reading' on the soundcloud -
(it's actually quite fitting that Midori is reading it, considering what she's supposed to represent, haha)…

Glad everyone has a sense of humour - while I personally think it's sweet that people are thinking compassionately, I think because Midori is fictional, it shows that mom0ki and YanDev never meant for it to go beyond being playful. ^^ Which is why we allow art of Midori dying horribly, because we know she's just going to pop back up again~~ :la:


P.S. Grammar always helps when stating your case. Truth!

***********previous update ***************
New folders~
Hi all!

Three more folders have been added -

Midori Ships (for all your shipping needs, canon or non-canon ;p )
Midori Fanfics
Midori Lookalikes (so you can have characters who resemble Midori in the club. Like so~)
Bop-25 by ZurdoM

Did you know that you can submit other people's art? ;) Click the 'add to group' button on the right when viewing the deviation. It needs to be approved by the artist before it appears in the group.

Also, dAhub is pretty nifty if you want a few extra points - giving llamas to people is harmless.

And here's a collection of green emotes for your convenience! (just highlight, copy and paste)
:D :love: :nod: :shakefist: :happybounce: :dalogo: :lonely: :doh: :shifty: :dead: :shrug: :zombie: :sneeze: :greetings: :blushes: :tantrum: :w00t: :salute: :popcorn: :dalove: :petting: :handshake: :sarcasticclap: :smoking: :slap: :stinkeye: :bulletgreen: :juggle: :b0x0rz: :hump: :teamwork: :spammer: :licking: :yoda: :puke: :clueless: :earth: :bonk: :rofl: :alientwo: :dollarus: :frog: :weed: :tmnt1: :tmnt2: :tmnt3: :tmnt4: :holly: :xmas: :siamese: :runnynose: :shamrock: :twenty: :evileye: :poke: :wow: :surrender: :burp: :greenprobe: :cling: :threaten: :ahoy: :hexentanz: :cough: :turbopoke: :deviantart: :wormnomnom:
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